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HI All,

Process of Creating Data Source in APO: -

For loading data in BW we need to create a data source in APO system.

  1. Login to APO system and Go to SAP menu àGo to ‘Administration of Demand Planning and Supply’ as below

II.Then Administration screen will come as below

Here in planning area column you will find all the planning areas, double click on planning area for which you want to create data source.

III.  After selecting a planning area below screen will comeà Go to Extra à Data Extraction Tools tab.

IV. Then below screen will come


Here select Generate Data Source option.

V. Then system will ask for the Data Source name and settings as below.

The Data Source generated is by default having name starting with 9A, as per standard naming convention.

VII. Settings will do as per below.

No Extraction of Data Records Without Key Fig Value:-

Select this option if you want to prevent the system from transferring data records to Info Objects in the BW if all key figures in the data record have the value zero. Depending on data it will reduce the volume of records which the system transfers, and it will improve performance.

VIII. Block Size For BW Transfer:-

In this Box you have to mention how many records are transferred in one package. While transferring large no of data, it is required that the data need to split into multiple packages to avoid memory problems. Once source system will finish reading the data packages, it will transfer to BW.  With this option it is possible to change the default for all data extraction in the system.

IX. Parallel Processing Profile:-

You can ad a parallel processing profile which you have previously created in Customizing (Demand Planning -> Profiles -> Maintain Parallel Processing Profile). This determines how and if the reading and transfer of the packages is split into parallel processes. As such the block sizes that you enter in the parallel processing profile should be significantly smaller than the package sizes above.

X. Give the Name of Data Source and click on Execute option as highlighted below.

XI. When you click on execute option below window will appear

In this select fields which you want.

XII. Click on save option, then below window will appear. Click on Test Data Source

XIII. Then below window will come.

  1. Uncheck the Debug option; otherwise it will go to ABAP Debugger. But if you want to debug then you can check this option.
  2. Provide Planning version value.
  3. If you want to execute with above selection, click on execution.
  4. If you want to display click on display option.

Check above options and if you are getting desired output then click on back.

XIV. Then SNP data extraction window will appear.

In this click on Replicate Data Source option.

XV. Then below window will appear.

  In this select as Data Source option and click on tick. . It will replicate your this new data source with BW system.

XVI. Transport data source.

Click on this option then it will create a data package for your Data source.

XVII. Your Data source is ready as shown in below screen.



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