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In this blogpost I'm going to cover a scenario where similar kind of Form elements are required in different Adobe Forms. We will create the field in one Form and reuse on other Forms.

Let's consider a scenario where we have custom Forms created for output of Delivery Note and Pick List and some of the common information has to be displayed in both the Forms. Let's say we need to display a common text at the top in both Delivery Note and Pick List Forms. To achieve this, we'll create the required field in Delivery Note first, add that field in a custom library and import that library element in Picklist Form. This has been explained in below steps -

Step 1. Open Delivery Note Form in ADS and add the required Text field with desired formatting.



Step 2. Go to context menu of the field by right click and select "Add to Library..." .


Step 3. Enter the details and select 'Tab Group' as "Custom". This will save the field in your custom library. Let's name it Delivery Custom Text.


Step 4. Till above, we are done with changes in Delivery Note Form. Now open Picklist Form and select the Subform or section where you want to add the above text field. Go to Insert > 1 - Custom and select the field that we created above - Delivery Custom Text.


Step 5. This will add the field in the layout.


To conclude, we can create our own custom libraries in Adobe Forms, add any of the Form components/Subforms/fields etc. and reuse in any other Forms. This will save time in doing repetitive stuff.

Note: If you have any scripting logic added to the field then that will also be retained and reused across Forms.


Thank you,

Saurabh Mathur
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