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This document explains the steps necessary to create and schedule a publication for dynamic recipients on SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise for a WebIntelligence Report.

This document is based on SAP BO XI 3.1 SP3.


Publication is an automated process of mass distribution of reports to individual or group of recipients’ requirements.

Publications can help you to:

  • Send personalized information in the required format to the intended recipients at specific intervals of time.
  • Deliver targeted business information to groups or individuals through a portal.

Creating a Publication

1. Logon to Infoview.

2. Go to the Folder where you want to create the Publication.

3. From there click New->Publication

4. Enter a title for the publication in the Title field.

5. Click Source Documents > Add.

6. Browse for the source documents to include and select it. Click OK.

Publication Options

Enterprise Recipients

Perform this task if you want Enterprise recipients to receive the publication.


Personalization is the process of filtering data in source documents so that only relevant data is displayed for publication recipients.

1.     Click Personalization.

2.     Select the Global Profiles or Local Profiles and select the Enterprise Recipient Mapping according to the requirement.


1.     A single document can be published in multiple formats, and these instances can be delivered to multiple destinations.

2.     Click Formats.


Destinations are locations that you deliver publications to. A destination can be the BusinessObjects Enterprise location in which a publication is stored, a Business Objects inbox, an E-mail address, an FTP server, or a directory on the file system.


1. Click Destinations.

2. Select the check box next to email option on the right-hand pane. Ensure SMTP is configured on BO Server.

3. Complete the To field or enter a placeholder for the email address (%SI_E-MAIL_ADDRESS%).

4. Enter the subject or select a placeholder to use for this field (optional).

5. Select check box next to Deliver Document(s) as Attachment.

6. Select check box next to Use Automatically Generated Name. Enter a specific name for it, or choose from a list of placeholders.


1. Expand Additional Options. Click Recurrence to specify scheduling information.

2. Select a recurrence pattern on the Run object list.


1. Create file/schedule based events in Events area of CMC to schedule publications using events.

2. Expand Additional Options and click events to specify events information.

3. Select respective “Wait for” and “Trigger on completion” events.

To change the prompt value for a Web Intelligence


1. On the navigation list, expand Additional Options and click Prompts.


Only Web Intelligence documents that contain prompts appear.

2. Click Modify.

The "Prompts" dialog box appears.

3. Click Refresh Values.

A list of possible prompt values appears in the list on the left.

4. Move the prompt value or values from the list on the left to the list on the


5. Click Apply.

The "Prompts" dialog box closes, and the list of prompt values is updated.

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