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Hello Viewers,

This simple trick will enable you to create tool tip in dashboards which will enable customers to know what exactly the value shows and where it comes from. It is on demand and it will appear only if customers points in Dashboard viewer or even that functionality works in SAP Dashboards for Mobile for both IOS and Android.

Following these simple steps will allow your to create this using dynamic visibility.

Select a Toggle button from the components and place it on the canvas.

Go to Toggle button properties and under Text properties remove the tick mark on Labels as shown below.

Click on the Layout button and set the transparency to  100%.

Now, click on the General tab bind the Source Data and Destination to the spread sheet cells as shown below.

Here Source Data is linked to E2:F2 as always a Toggle Button will consider two input cells as source and it will generate one Destination which is placed here in E3.

Choosing an Image component and adding it on Canvas and placing the Toggle Button on top of that Icon make users to feel only there exists and image as Toggle Button is already set to 100 % transparency.

Now let us consider a Label from Components and place it on the canvas just besides the image component with  required text in it.

Select Behavior In Label properties window and set the Dynamic Visibility.

Status : E3 &

Key    : 1

As show in the below Fig..

You are just one more step away to build this functionality.

Now, Click on the Toggle Button and under Common tab in Behavior Make sure you choose the Item as On as it will allow you to hide the Label text initially and will be visible when you either click on the image component or when you just move your mouse on the image component.

This functionality varies on Interaction Options. Either Insert On: is set to Mouse Over or Mouse Click.

I choose Mouse Over in my demo.

Go to the preview and move your mouse pointer on the image, now you can see the label with text.

You now successfully completed all the required steps to enable this Toggle tip help dynamically using powerful Dynamic Visibility in SAP Dashboards 4

Hope this helps you.

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