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Hi, allow me to introduce myself and my team members, I am Zain and my group members are Qureshi Muhammad Atif and Shewata Verma. We are Currently pursuing Master Degree in Business (SAP ERP) from Victoria University, Melbourne. I am a web developer by profession where as Qureshi Muhammad Atif is a Researcher by profession and SAP student. Shewata Verma is also pursuing her education in SAP. We are aiming to learn building new apps using different technologies such as SAPUI5 and Fiori so that after completion of our education we can build our career in the same field.

Few days back, we learnt how to create Event Driven Process Chain (EPCs) and more importantly Business Process Model and Notation (2.0) or BPMN 2.0 and implemented them in Signvaio while working in a group project. Later on, we tried to make a small Business Process Model in SAP GUI using objects that were pre-defined by SAP.

As a learning activity of a subject i.e. ERP Applications bco6181 we were asked for a project by our mentor, Mr.Tony to learn something new and share our thoughts about that experience. This made us one step closer to learn about new tools that have been provided i.e. SPLASH.

Looking towards innovative we immediately came up with an idea to implement theory into practice while creating a user Interface that can demonstrate a non-technical person using one of the BPMN model created during our BPMN project using Signavio. We utilized the scenario implemented before to develop a new app while using Splash alongside the BPMN tool i.e. Signavio.


Started in the year 2009, Signavio was a platform provided to professionally design a model in a drag and drop environment and to test it before implementing. While using this tool we came across about the ability to test the syntax of the model at the time of processing. Using the syntax check helps to identify the issues/problems underline while creating the model. Moreover, a quick referencing 'help guide' is also available for user guidance. One of the key functionality while using Signavio is that data can be stored at any given time which can be made available at any given time. Data is saved on the online repositories. A notation guide for BPMN 2.0 can be downloaded from signavio website otherwise anyone can find it in the attachments of this blog.


It was fairly easy to create a BPMN model using Signavio however, we thought the interface provided is very outdated which can be improved.There are 3 areas we believe improvements can be made on, these are:

  • User Interface.
  • Font size.
  • Mouse movement on design canvas should be enabled.

There is no doubt about the functionalities of this tool. However, we believe that an appealing Interface can contribute to promote this tool more frequently.


We have already discussed briefly about Splash at the beginning of the blog. However, If we can describe SAP SPLASH as an innovation, User friendly, Time saving and extremely helpful for developers. As a developer a lot of  "pre-development" setup is required before making an application. SPLASH has eliminated all of it, you can simply create a complete interface of an application in a drag and drop environment and at the end of the day; a fully functional markup code can be downloaded too. It is truly a life saver for web developers.


There are some suggestions that we would like to highlight for the developers of SAPSPLASH to pay attention, these are.

  • Popup functionality is not working properly in Build5 version.
  • While logging into the SPLASH account from mobile device, user is not able to get rid of modal window.
  • No option to change the background color of the page.

The overall experience of using this platform was quite interesting and at the same time it was amazing to get hands on experience with a new tool. We believe that this tool is going through the improvement process where number of areas can be improved in future for further development. As a users of development platform we enjoyed it very much and would like to congratulate them for providing a fine platform where we can actually develop our ideas.


Here's a link to our first application which has been developed using SAPSPLASH

We would like to thank our mentors Mr.Tony & Mr.Paul Hawking for encouraging us to learn something new and for their support throughout the development.
A humble request for everyone to provide constructive feedback which can help us to sharpen our skills in future...

Group Members

*All the Material that I have discussed in this blog can be downloaded by clicking here

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