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Sparkline Chart on IPad

We have got a wide variety of charts available for us to work using BI 4.0

Here, I define the steps as to how to get Sparklines’ chart on an IPad. Sparkline chart is nothing but a tiny chart embedded within a cell.

Sparkline displays a trend based data in a clear and compact graphical representation.

The explanation is based on the following installable being used.

  • SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence (Web Intelligence Rich Client) – BI4.0 SP3
  • IPad App: SAP BI 4.0; Version: 4.0.3; Build: 1211

I have created a crosstab report using Web Intelligence rich client which gives Sales of few cities for first 6 months of a calendar year.

Steps to Perform on the Web Intelligence Rich Client Side

After creating the required crosstab, Right click on the table and click on Format Table.

Make sure the blocks are aligned to left most possible so that viewing it on the IPad will be much more interactive.
So, if we see the block name, it is given in the format   ";SL_L_Revenues_C_2_7"

The part SL_L_Revenues_C_2_7 represents the microchart.  In this case, the meaning is

1) SL >>>Sparkline,

2) L >>> linear curve,

3) Revenues >>> Column Name which is to be shown as sparkline

4) C_2_7 >>>Column no 2 to Column no 7.

This means that we want the App to take columns 2 through 7 on our crosstab and format them as a non - filled chart (Linear curve).
Save the report and export it to repository. Make sure that the report is saved under Mobile category.

Now on the IPad, open the SAP BO Mobile App and login to repository using appropriate credentials.

On login, the App displays reports which are available under Mobile category. Download the above report and open.
When the report is viewed on the device, the table displays a column titled “Revenues” that appears as Sparkline for the data values contained in columns 2 to 7 of the table. The Sparkline will appear as a linear curve because 'L' is used in the formula.

  In case if we give the block name as “;SL_GF_Revenues_C_2_7 the axis will be shown as filled chart or shaded because gradient fill ('GF') is applied.

If we want these kind of graphs to be seen on BO Mobile(IPad), the trick is to just to rename the block(table) on Web Intelligence rich client side and nothing to do on the IPad front. The app itself will convert the table for us into a microchart.
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