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Hi everyone! I am new to SAP Data Services and have been assigned to create a project in Data Services that can be accessed with a Web service. The function of this project is to cleanse the input addresses. After reading the documentations, I have got the basics of how to do this. For example, I know that I need to use the Designer to create a real-time service that wraps a data flow to cleanse the address. Then I use the console manager to add this real-time service to an Access server and publish it as an operation of the Data Services Webservices. The issue that I have is that I am not sure about how to actually create the data flow. I know that I need an input/output schema with an address-cleanse transform in the middle and the data mappings. But I have not found a document or a page that step by step describes such a data flow and walks through an example. I wonder if you could please help me with a link or point me to a blog or tutorial somewhere that explains this scenario. I sincerely appreciate your answers. Thanks!

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