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This is both a tutorial for creating a SICF service with source code and also the documentation for zMIMESync service class. Check the open source project if you are a BSP developer.

Go to transaction se24 or go to your development package to create class.

Inside package:

Create a class like this:

Any SICF service class should implement the interface "IF_HTTP_EXTENSION" with method "handle_request". There is two ways to achive this, write code in source code-based view or add IF_HTTP_EXTENSION to class interfaces in form-based view.

There is source code available here:

Copy the contents of the class to your new class. Then activate your class.

Now we have to create a service in SICF and point the service to our class for handling requests.

Go to transaction sicf and execute:

Create new sub-element under /sap/bc

Name your service:

You should enter a description:

Now the linking part! Go to the handlers tab and add your class:

Last step is to activate the service:

You can get the link of the service by clicking "Test Service".

Thanks for reading.
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