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With the SAP Web IDE SDK you can create your own feature in the SAP Web IDE. One of the most common and useful scenario for this are custom templates. Possible scenarios for creating your own template:

  • Multiple apps with the same logo and/or background (Harmonized UI). Do this once in a template and benefit from it in each project that starts from that template

  • Specific configuration that you need in each app. For example, configuration of a UI5 library.

A template can boost your project start!

I often start with UI5 without an OData service. Then I create multiple views/controllers and configure the routing in my app. I’m tired of doing this over and over again so I decided to put this in a template. In my template, I’ll have the same as in the UI5 application template but already two views and controllers with the routing configuration.

In this blog, I’ll show this step by step.

(I did this in the full-stack version of the SAP Web IDE)

This blog is part of the following blog series:

Create a WebIDE Feature

Create a new project starting from a template, “SAP Web IDE Feature (MTA Project)”:

Fill in a project name

Give a name to your feature and plugin. (Every feature has plugins and a plugin belongs to a feature, a feature can have multiple plugins)

Add template to your plugin

Right click on the plugin -> New -> Template from Existing Template

Fill in a name, description and choose “project” as type. For the category, I take an existing one, but your free 🙂

Select the template “SAPUI5 Application”

This will generate the following

As you can see, some files are missing. A bug? Maybe, but don’t worry. Just create the files manually 🙂 This will be done in the next blog: 

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