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Because of a recent /thread/13871 [original link is broken] in the /community [original link is broken] I post this as my first Weblog.

This is a step by step HowTo create a SAP Transaction iView using SAPGUI for Windows in the Enterprise Portal 6 SP 4. I've used SAP Enterprise Portal 6.0 SP4 NetWeaver Stack 2 Developer Workplace Sneak Preview from the Download Area of SDN.

To keep the description as short as possible I've only described the required entries. These are highlighted in bold.


  • Portal User with the rights to create a System in the System Landscape and to create an iView
  • Username and Password of a Backend SAP System
  • Connection information of a Backend SAP System

Used System Information

Application Hostgateway
SAP Client000
SAP System NameTOR
SAP System Number00
Server Port3200

Create R/3 System

First we create a R/3 System in the System Landscape with the System creation wizard.

  • Logon to the portal and choose from the navigation System Administration -> System Configuration -> System Landscape
  • Select your the folder where you want to put the system in. If you don't have a folder for systems create a new one.
  • right click -> New -> System
  • Select SAP_R3_Dedicated
  • Click Next
  • Step 2: General Properties
  • Enter System Name TOR
  • Enter System ID TOR
  • Save System as System
  • Click Next
  • Step 3: Summary -> Finish
  • Choose your next step: Open the object for editing

After the basic settings through the wizard we now specify the settings for the backend system.

  • Select Property Category “Connector”
  • Enter Application Host gateway
  • Enter SAP Client 000
  • Enter SAP System Name TOR
  • Enter SAP System Number 00
  • Enter Server Port 3200
  • Click on Save

To use user mapping for the backend authentication we have to set some properties in the category "User Management"

  • Select Property Category “User Management”
  • Select Logon Method: UIDPW
  • Select User Mapping Type: user
  • Click on Save

As the final step in R/3 System creation we must add a System Alias.

  • Edit: System Aliases
  • Enter Alias: TOR
  • Click on Add
  • Click on Save

Maintain User Mapping

After creating a system in the System Landscape we can now edit the User Mapping.

  • Click on Personalize
  • Select User Mapping
  • Select the System TOR
  • Insert valid Username and Password for that system

SAP Transaction iView

Finally we create now the SAP Transaction iView.

  • Click on Content Administration -> Portal Content in the portal main navigation
  • Select the folder in which you want to create the iView
  • Right click: New -> iView
  • Select SAP Transaction iView
  • Click Next
  • Step 2: General Properties
  • Enter iView Name: TOR
  • Enter iView ID: TOR
  • Save as: iView
  • Click Next
  • Step 3: Selection of Application Variant
  • Select SAP GUI for Windows
  • Click Next
  • Step 4: Application Parameter
  • Choose System: TOR
  • Enter Transaction Code: SE80
  • Choose Start Technique for SAPGUI for Windows: Automatic Detection
  • Step 5: Summary
  • Choose X Open for editing when wizard completes
  • Click Finish
  • Click on preview
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