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Hello SAP community,

This blog post aims to cover the process to create and activate custom hierarchies and data sources which can be used by the BW (Business warehouse) for SAP MDG to SAP BW data extraction for reporting.

Using transaction code GS01, we can create set hierarchy for our custom hierarchy structure. We need to provide the table name along with the field name based on which we want to create the Set hierarchies. As soon as the set name is created, we can further create the set names under the head hierarchy and we can directly assign groups and the leafs to this set name.

We can see this information in SAP standard SET tables: SETHEADER, SETGROUP and SETLEAF.

Like we visualize profit center hierarchy structure using KCH3 and cost center hierarchy structure using KSH3 transaction codes, similarly we can visualize newly created custom hierarchy structure using transaction code GS03 by giving the newly created setname.

We can create the Hierarchy data source using transaction code BW07 and we can activate the data source using transaction code RSA5 and can extract the data using transaction code RSA3.

RSA3 transacion code to extract the data from data source:

NOTE: BW07 is only for hierarchy sets constructed using GS01 transaction code.

Another way of activating data source is by generating the data sources structures of the custom entity types in data modelling. You can go to transaction code MDGIMG and scroll down to node generate data model specific structures as highlighted in the below screenshot.

For more info,


Hope you will find this information useful.

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Happy Learning !!

Thanks & Regards,
Mrinal Gandotra
SAP MDG consultant

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