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Link to Part I

In the last part we have created our Database and the tables, now we will configure our Open connector withe the Mysql Credentials created in the last post. To do this part you will need to already have created an SAP Trial account.

After login in your trial account, please go to your subaccount and click in subscriptions and subscribe to the Open Conectors Service.

Click on Subscribe:

After doing this click in Go do Application

1.1 Configuring SAP Open Connector

With the Open Connector Application open we need to start configuring the connection with the Mysql Database, so to do this please click in the Connectors options like shown below:

Search for Mysql in the page shown.

when you find the mysql connector pass the mouse above the mysql tile and click in authenticate.

In the next page you will have to connect with the azure mysql database, go back to your azure account and copy the information below.

To <your database> use this configurations:

Name: “<NAME>”

“username”: “<YourUser>”

“password”: “<YourPassword>”

“database name”: “<yourDBName>”

“database host”: “<host>”

After doing the configurations please press the Create Instance option and you will be sent to the overview page as you can see bellow.

1.2 Accessing the database objects API

Click in the API Docs section:

Click in your Database name and scroll down and you will see the database objects api, in the image used we have a lot of other tables but in our case we are only going to have the table category that we have created before.

Now we have already connected our prevewsly created Mysql database and we can have access to it's API endpoints by using the SAP Open Connectors.

In the next post I will show how to create an API Management Portal to encapsulate and secure the API's exposed by the Open Connector.

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