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Create Purchase Requisition with account assignment A (Asset) IN SAP FIORI

Public link to download the PDF :

In this activity, you create a purchase requisition with account assignment A (Asset).



Log on to SAP Fiori launchpad as a Purchaser.


Open Manage Purchase Requisitions (Professional)








Complete the line item information for the following fields and press Enter:

A (Acct. Assignment Category): A






Short Text: <Your material>


Quantity:  ZZ


Unit of Measure: PC


Matl Group: YBFA08


Plant: 1210


PGr (Purch Grp): 001



Desired Vendor: For example, 12300001



POrg (Purch Org): 1210




The screen shows the detailed item information. Account Assignment A represents an asset.


Complete the Asset, Quantity/Dates, and Valuation.






Note These fields display on separate tabs (Account Assignment and Valuation).


Valuation: <price value>          The Purchase Order values are changed.



On the Valuation tab, the following parameters are selected by default:

  • Goods Receipt: Selected


  • Inv Receipt: Selected


  • GR Non-Val: Selected



With those parameters selected, the asset is activated with the invoice receipt. If you need to activate the asset with the goods receipt, select the following parameters instead:

  • Goods Receipt: Selected

  • Inv Receipt: Selected

  • GR Non-Val: Deselected



These parameters can be changed in the purchase requisition or purchase order.


To verify the purchase requisition, choose apply.



The purchase requisition is successful. No messages are displayed during verification.


Choose Display Messages (if available).




If a message displays, correct the purchase requisition. If no message displays, the purchase requisition is complete.


Choose Save.


The purchase requisition is saved.


The system displays a success message Purchase Requisition AAA created.

Make a note of the number: _________


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