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In the Part 1 blog, we have discussed below topics

  1. CDS annotations for Fiori List Report.

  2. How to create a Gateway service from ABAP CDS view

  3. How to create a Fiori List App report in Web IDE.

  4. How to Deploy the Fiori Application.

In this blog, we are going to discuss below topics.

  • Create a Custom Semantic Object.

  • Create a Tile in Fiori.

  • Adding Tile from Catalogs –> Groups.


So lets begin ........

5. Create Custom Semantic Object:

  1. Log on to SAP system à t-code /UI2/SEMOBJ

2. Click on Change.

3. Click on “New Entries”.

4. Give a name to Semantic Object, Semantic Object Name, and Semantic Object Description

and click on “Save”.

5. It will prompt for a Transport Request to collect the custom created semantic object.

If you don’t have a TR ready, you can create one and assign the semantic object and click



6. Create a Tile in Fiori App:

1.Logon to SAP Fiori Designer launch pad.

Select the Catalog – OTC Analytics – General and Click on Add Tile +

2. Click on App Launcher – Static.

3. Give Title name. If you are using Navigation in your List report, please check Use semantic Object Navigation and give the Semantic Object and Action. Finally Click on “Save”.

4. After saving, go back and click on Target mapping icon.

5. Click on Create New Target Mapping.

6. Mention the Semantic Object and Action type, title, URL, ID and click on “Save”.


For the URL:  mention the /sap/bc/ui5_ui5/sap/<this is the Application Name given during the Deployment>

Go to Web IDE and right click on application --> Deploy --> Application Status.

For ID :  Go to  Web IDE --> Project --> Component.js file --> take the ID from the file as below.


7. Adding Tile from Catalogs --> Groups:

  • After you create Tile successfully in the Catalogs, then we need to enable the Tile in the respective Group. So that users belong to these groups will able to see the Tile in their Fiori Launchpad.

Click on Groups --> Search the group name you want to add the new Tile --> Click on Add Tile

  • Click on + symbol to enable the tile to this group.

  • Now you can logon to Fiori Launchpad and see if you were able to see the Tile in the group.

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