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BW 7.4 enforces creation of 7.x Data Flows instead of 3.x one by means of creation of 7.x DataSources (existing 3.x Data Flows are still supported). Even though 7.x are way better, for example they support RDA, but in case of master data 3.x have some definite advantage - less development and housekeeping tasks:

  • no need to load data to PSA first

  • no need to create DTPs in addition to InfoPackages

  • no need to delete PSA data after load

In my blog I will demonstrate how to create 3.x dataflow in BW 7.4.

The problem is that you can not replicate new DataSource as 3.x in BW 7.4 simply because such option is not available (it is grayed out).

But you can trick the system calling RSAOS_METADATA_UPLOAD function module for your DataSource and pass ISFS value to I_PREFTYPE parameter.

And now 3.x Data Flow Transfer Rules and can be created

Next InfoPackage needs to created and we almost done

Note that Only InfoObject option is selected for Data Update which frees as from PSA housekeeping tasks and simplifies scheduling. The only thing that is left is to add the InfoPackage to Process Chain.

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