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You will learn here...

  1. How to enable Git Service from SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit.

  2. How to create Git Repository in SAP WebIde.

  3. How to Configure MDK Project to Git Repository.

  4. How to push the local changes to Git Repository.

  5. Conclusion.


Step 1. Enable "Git Services" from SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit.




Step 2. Create a Git Repository 

A. Open Git Services, You will get “New Repository" button to create New Git Repository.


B. Give the name and descriptions of Repository and click “OK”.


C. After creating repository you can get "Repository URL”.



Step 3. Configure SAM Project to Git Repository.

A. Right Click on MDK App –> Git –> Initialize Local Repository.


B. Now provide "Git Repository URL" to connect with Git Repository.

Now your project initialized and linked with Git Repository



Step 4. Push the local changes to Git Repository.

A. Open Git Pane on the right slidebar.


B. Now StageAll, Commit, And after Push the all changes to Git Repository.


C. Select Origin/master remote branch and click "OK".

After Push Completing you can see the changes published in Git Repository.



5. Conclusion

Use of Git Repository to manage a project, or set of files, as they change over time. Git store the data in local SAP WebIde.


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