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Below are the steps to create Agentry applications using oData.

  1. Create Agentry Application in SMP

   2. Set as authentication as ‘No Authentication Challenge’

   3. Create Agentry Project in eclipse.

   4. Define System connection

   5. From Data Source Explorer create connection profile

   6. Enter oData URL , credentials and click finish

   7. Right click and connect

   8. Right click on Entity LIST and run Object Wizard for oData using Agentry Connector Studio.


   9. Uncheck boxes for Add , Edit & delete

  10. Check on GetStep

  11.After Finish, Object and Steps are automatically created

  12.Define Collection & read step


  13.Request & response created automatically

  14. Define server exchange steps in fetches

  15. Define screen

  16. Publish the project


  17. Check the deployment.

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