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In this document, i will describe the creation and the configuration of web service. I suppose tht icm is configured for http and https.

So, i have copy a standard function module GET_TABSIZE_ORA (i work on oracle database ) into ZGET_TABSIZE_ORA. I modify it in order to be launch in remote.

And i use it to create a web service by using se37 : Utilies->Mores Utilities->Create Web Service-> from function module:

It opens a wizard, enter name and description, continue:


continue, important point about security:

Enter Package and transport request:

When complete you arrive on these screen, you can modify if you want :

You can leave transaction.

If you want to come back on webservice definition, you can do it through se80:

Now after creating webservices you need to expose itL. transaction SOAMANGER:

Simplified Web Service Configuration:

You search your webservices, and you can define Authentification method you want to use to expose it:

Warning: it must be compatible with Security profile you have defined on web service. Either you will have error message.

After you can download WSDL (SOAMANAGER -> Web Service Configuration-> Enter your webservice name Apply and Open WSDL document for selected binding or service) and import it on SoapUI for instance to test it :

You can make test with SE80 also :

After changing value, you will have to click on "Change parameter" (icon red and white), you will go on previous popup with falg on Keep Request Template.

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