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This is steps to create a SDA connection To Teradata with HANA Studio .

First you have to install Teradata Driver.

You have to download driver from Teradata Site :

I already Tried with version 13, 14 and 15 of Teradata Driver.

The Doc here will talk about version 15 of Teradata Driver as it's supported now by SAP but it will be the same for Older Drivers.

to install the driver and all its dependencies please follow this steps :

1 Download :

tdodbc__linux_indep.    (ODBC Terada Driver)

Teradata CLIv2 for Linux

(containing tdicu and TeraGSS required for Teradata to work properly)

2 login as root :

tar -xvf tdodbc__linux_indep.

cd tdodbc

rpm -ivh tdodbc- --nodeps

this will install Teradata Driver into /opt/teradata (without dependencies )

tar -xvf cliv2_LINUX_indep.

cd TeraGSS/

rpm -ivh TeraGSS_linux_x64-

cd tdicu/

rpm -ivh tdicu-

now it's done with the Teradata drivers and dependencies

(even if the Driver's official documentation suppose that you don't have to add the driver path to $LD_LIBRARAY_PATH, it's recommended to add it manually to avoid any error message)

now we have to configure the .odbci.ini file in the <SID>adm /home :

Here how to the .odbci.ini file has to look like :







[ODBC Data Sources]



Description=Teradata database







(Of course you have to change info with your own credentials ( teradata_server_ip, username, password, Teradata_database)

Now it's time to make test our configuration from Console Command  line

connecto to SSH with <SID>adm user

hdbsdautil -t tdodbc -S "dsn=testdsn" -U username -P password -info

if everything is working well so we just have to restart Hana (even if it's not mentioned in the Hana Official Documentation )

HDB stop

HDB start

Now we have to create the SDA rempte connection in HANA Studio :

Open Hana Studio and login in the System with user <SID>adm

Go to ' Provisionning" > Remote Source > New Remote Source


Thank you

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