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In this blog you will learn how to create a HANA MDC Database and setup the SAP HANA Web-based Development Workbench on the SAP Cloud Platform trial account.



SAP Cloud Platform Trail account (




Navigate to Persistence > Databases & Schemas


Click New and select Database system of type HANA MDC, now enter a DB name and password, be sure to check Web Access, and click Save. Your DB will now be created.


Notice the creation process has started, wait for it to complete before starting the next step.



Access the SAP Web-based development workbench

Navigate to the persistence tab and select your DB.


Notice there are 3 hyperlink options down the bottom of the page, SAP HANA Cockpit, SAP HANA Web-based Development Workbench and SAP HANA Interactive Education (SHINE).


Click on the SAP HANA Web-based Development Workbench and you will see the following:

If you are getting this 404 whilst trying to access the Web-based workbench it is because you have not yet been assigned the roles to access it.

Navigate back to the HANA DB overview and select SAP HANA Cockpit.


you will see this screen pop up, enter your DB username (SYSTEM in most cases) and Password your created earlier:


Once logged in you will receive this notification. (this will only happen the first time you login)


Click OK and you will see you have been assigned the correct roles.


Click continue and you will be given access to the cockpit.


Now navigate back to the DB overview and select the SAP Web-based development workbench


The following screen will now be displayed.

Note: you will not yet be able to access the Editor or Catalog as you still require more permissions.

Click the Security button, navigate to Users on the left and select your DB user (SYSTEM in most cases).


Now you need to add further roles to your account, click the following button.


Now add the following roles:

  • hana.ide.roles::EditorDeveloper

  • hana.ide.roles::CatalogDeveloper

  • hana.ide.roles::SecurityAdmin

  • hana.ide.roles::TraceViewer

Click OK, then press Save.

Navigate back to the SAP Web-based development workbench and you are now able to access the Editor and Catalog


Editor Page


Catalog Page


Happy config!!

Click here to see how to connect to a HANA MDC, Create Schema & first DB table
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