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Yesterday, I released CPILint version 1.0.2:

CPILint is an open source, command-line tool for SAP Cloud Integration, which lets you automate the governance of your integration flows by writing executable, rule-based development guidelines.

CPILint ships with a number of built-in rules, covering adapters, mapping, scripting, security and more. Once you’ve chosen the rules that make sense in your particular situation, CPILint does the heavy lifting of checking your integration flows for compliance, and presents you with a report of the issues discovered.

If this is the first time your hear about CPILint, please read this blog post for a much more in-depth introduction.

So what’s new in version 1.0.2? First and foremost, this release updates the tool to use the public integration packages API. Version 1.0.1 still used the undocumented API, which no longer works.

1.0.2 also introduces the CPILINT_JAVA_HOME environment variable, which you can use to launch CPILint with a specific Java runtime. Also, the Bash launch script now works correctly on macOS.

You can download CPILint version 1.0.2 from GitHub. If you want to tinker, the full source code and all other files needed to build CPILint is included in the download. Everything you need is available in the CPILint GitHub repository as well, of course. For documentation and installation instructions, please see the project's wiki.

Have fun with CPILint! If you run into any issues at all, do please let me know. You can do that by either commenting below, or by creating an issue on GitHub.
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