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There is a fix for the Groovy syntax checker and a new settings page where you can decide which features you want to use. This set of improvements were possible with ideas from axel.albrecht! Thank you for your feedback & care!

Enable or Disable Features

Features that inject themselves into standard UI can be annoying for consultants who don't want to use them. You may want to pick the features you need. This update enables that with the "Settings" page:

For example, with the 4 July 2020 update of CPI, Simulation of an Integration Flow is updated with the feature:

  • You can now upload input payload from the file system.

So if you want to use this feature instead of SuperEasy Simulation Filler, and don't want to see any extra buttons, you can disable it now. You just need to refresh the page after the change.

Groovy Syntax Checker Fix

It was giving an error if there were comments at the top. It was the most common case I overlooked with new scripts. Now it is fixed:

As I said in the past blog post, it is not possible to check Groovy script 100% correct without JVM, but I think it is still useful for detecting small typos. If you encounter a common case, feel free to comment.


Chrome Extension Install:

Microsoft Edge(Chromium-based) Extension Install:


Thanks for reading!
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