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I can use Postman to create or update values in the Partner Directory feature. However, I feel lost when I can't see the result in an organized way that allows exploration.

I have shared a SuperEasy tool with the same purpose before. I myself sometimes forget the command name and refer to the blog post. So it wasn't SuperEasy enough for my taste 🙂

I thought it will be easier for me and the users to include this feature in the browser extension.


You can list and explore all data in the Partner Directory resources in the tenant.

Click the "Get Data" button and you should see a list of partners(if you have created partners before!)

"Partners" is an interesting resource type. You need to create an "AlternativePartners" resource to create a partner. Partners are basically unique "Pid" values used in the "AlternativePartners". Note that "Pid" is important and used everywhere in the Partner Directory.

You can group the rows based on columns by clicking the blue folder icons.

Note that you can group by multiple columns and you can focus only on the relevant data.


Microsoft Edge(Chromium-based) Extension Install:

Further Work

Right now it provides read-only access. The natural improvement would be to be able to edit the resources and upload XSLT.

I also plan to share my Postman collection for Partner Directory that also makes working with CSRF easier. (Update: The collection is ready)

Thanks for reading and I'm open to suggestions!
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