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As santhosh.kumarv shared his findings in this blog post about how MPL Custom Header Properties can be used for search with OData APIs. He also encouraged me to add this feature to SuperEasy. Thank you for the challenge, Santhosh! It is a pleasure for me to improve CPI experience! (Thanks again for the APIs & open-minded approach SAP team! The APIs were my dream for years working on PI/PO.)

Note: It is not yet clear if these properties are indexed, so you should only use it for occasional searches.

Update(2021-04-08): Since these are part of the official UI, you can use these custom properties with peace of mind.


There is a new menu for MPL Custom Header Property Search. You enter property key, value and click "Search". You can jump to the standard monitoring screens by clicking "Message" or "Correlation" links.

This is the log "Text View" for the same message:

Update for Wildcard Search(2020-10-12)

Search now supports wildcard! Thanks for the idea, high-quality feedback, and contribution from r_herrmann you can use *(asterisk) anywhere in the value to search.

For example, for the value 12345ABC67890 you can even use *23*ABC*67*

Groovy Example

I have also added the Groovy example & explanation to the CPI Groovy Examples Repository


Example page:

Install Extension

Chrome Extension Install:

Microsoft Edge(Chromium-based) Extension Install:

Thanks for reading!
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