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  • Do you always search for simple Groovy operations again and again? Because memorizing programming syntax doesn't make sense in this age of information.

  • Do you find incomplete Groovy script examples out of the context of an integration?

  • Do you wonder best practices, and why a line is written in a specific way?

  • Do you want to see and understand what a script does in seconds with example input & output?

Then we have a very similar mindset 🙂

I have compiled some of the basic scripts and tried to satisfy myself as a reader. There is still work to do(as always), and there are more examples to come from me, from my colleagues, and from you!?

You can explore(and star) the GitHub repository. Every directory is an example, and when you enter a directory you will see the description of the script because it is written in You can open script.groovy file to see the script.

It is open to contributions. The code is MIT licensed, and you can also copy the explanations with attribution(CC BY 4.0) or just link to them.

Alternatively, you can visit this page I have built to make this exploration faster. I plan to add things like tags to be able to find scripts faster.

Here is an example screenshot:


Thanks for reading & I'm open to suggestions!

Update: As aaditya.nigam mentioned in the comments. There is also SAP Integration Recipes Community repository, so you can leverage both for sharing your Groovy scripts!


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