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Normally, all the master and transaction data are read from source system staging table/extractor using CPI-DS Task and send to IBP. This blog post will help, how to execute an ECC Program by running CPI-DS task and retrieve Program output.


  • Create a Task in CPI-DS under Project.

  • Create a Data flow in the Task

  • Go to Data flow and Drag Custom ABAP icon to design area

  • Double click Custom ABAP icon in the Design area and include Output fields which are required from the ABAP program. Also, enter ABAP Language file name, ABAP Job name & ABAP Program name in the ABAP Options Tab as below:

  • ABAP Program Name: While creating ABAP Program in the ECC system, must use same program name as mentioned above.

  • ABAP Language File Name: Mention the file path in the CPI-DS Agent and the file extension should be *.aba

  • Now, go to ABAP Editor by pressing the button ABAP FORM Editor and write ABAP code within the FORM and ENDFORM to retrieve data.

  • At the end of program logic, move final internal table data to <<OTAB1>> table using APPEND Statement as below:

  • Close the ABAP Editor by pressing OK Button.

  • Complete the flow logic to load data into IBP.

  • Then press Generate and View ABAP report Button as below

  • Once the button is pressed, ABAP prgram will be generated automatically and get stored in the CPI-DS Agent system.

  • Copy the program and login into ECC system and create an executable program(T-Code: SE38) with same name mentioned below and activate the program.

  • Finally, go to CPI-DS and execute the task

Once CPI-DS task is executed, the custom ABAP Program will be executed in source system and the final output of the program will be transferred to IBP  using CPI-DS Task.

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