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Hello everyone,

This time I have the pleasure of presenting a solution in SAP Cloud Platform, with which we can visualize in real time, the progress of COVID-19 worldwide, filtering by country and area.

To make the solution, I have created our own API made in NodeJS and with the possibility of being deployed in SAP Cloud Foundry under Docker container.

The API, we can explore it at the following URL:

Where we can see each of the services to consume, and additionally we are working on solutions with Machine Learning to perform predictive analysis.

We can use the API to test it and see what data is returning:

As observed, the service response sends the information in JSON format, allowing easy integration with any Front-End or Backend technology. The services to be more specific, may be consumed from technologies, NodeJS, Python, JavaScript (AngularJS, ReactJS, Electron, VueJS), .NET (C #, C ++), Java among others.

The information we collect from COVID-19 is obtained from the official DataSet worldwide, where governments and scientists from around the world centralize information on pandemics. The official site of global pandemics where all the information of all organizations worldwide is centralized, you can visit it at the following link:

Already with the previous API, a web portal has been created, where we can see all the information in more detail and visually pleasing to an end user. The application was deployed on SAP Cloud Platform, in which anyone can access and view the portal.


To access the portal, enter the following URL:

The portal is built with AngularJS and the presentation layer is in Bootstrap4. With this we can offer a pleasant environment compatible with SAP Cloud Platform.

Below is the general data of the country chosen. In this case it shows all the information from the United States.


Additionally we can visualize the data of all the countries through reports and maps:

By clicking on any country, we can see the detail:

We can also see the report of all countries:

Finally internally in our company we have published the application on the Fiori launchpad.

I hope you like this type of solutions. Thanks.

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