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Millions of people deal with traffic congestion on a daily basis. Majority of IT employees travel for almost half the time that they spend in their offices. The first challenge they face is a strenuous travel and traffic. Even though there isn’t an alternative to travelling – they don’t have teleportation yet – there is just one last hope: “Corporate pooling” (CORPOOL -bus pooling).

The Corporate Pool, also called Corpool is developed mainly for corporate employees where the employees from different companies pool in a single vehicle!!! CORPOOL aims to solve transportation woes by providing a direct mode of transportation without having the need to transfer from point to point yet a no squeeze journey. It’s a shared transit booking systems that helps to administer and monitor the operators to deliver better service to commuter.

"CORPOOL” – is a UI5 application deployed on SAP Cloud Platform, the application is accessible via public URL. The application uses AD authentication configured with SAML 2.0. SCP is connected to HANA data source via Cloud Connector configured with X509 Certificate. The solution comprises of mainly 4 components.

  1. SAP Cloud Platform


  3. On-Premise Server

  4. SAP IoT Cloud Platform

The important functions and capabilities of CORPOOL software:

1. For Admin:

    1. Asset management - 

      1. Manage Buses: This field includes adding buses, view the buses and edit the bus details.

      2. Manage Routes: This field includes complete management of the fleet, stops, routes, and attach routes.

      3. Monitor Buses: This field includes a bus monitoring system that tracks and locates all Buses in real-time using IoT. Admin Starts monitoring Buses quickly with predefined KPIs for Number of Buses running currently, Delayed Buses, and Alerts (on Bus break down).

      4. Alerts: This field includes viewing all alerts raised and take actions accordingly

    2. User Management: The admin is responsible for creating the users and managing the user.

      1. Manage Corporates: This section includes, create corporate by manually, or by uploading an excel sheet for multiple corporates.

      2. Create Users: The admin can add multiple users either by uploading the excel sheet or by adding the individual users.

    3. Profile: In this section, admin can view his/her details, Upload the profile picture and the documents for the KYC verification.

2. For Manager: The functionalities for a manager are similar to the functionalities of admin, once the manager gets approval from the admin.

  • Manage Buses

  • Manage Routes

  • Monitor Buses

  • Alerts

3. For User:

  • Book My Ride: The user will be able to search his ride by giving “from” and “to” locations and dates. Based on his search, he will get the list of rides that are currently running. The user can select whichever is convenient to him and gets the complete details of his ride along with stop lists. If the user is satisfied he will proceed to book. He can book through different payment options through Razor Pay (Detailed explanation given in Payment Gateway for CORPOOL document) Once the payment is successful, the ride is booked and an email is sent to the user regarding booking confirmation and the booking details.

  • My Trips: The user can view the details of his trip history for upcoming, completed, ongoing, payment pending and canceled rides.

  • Profile: Here user can view his/her details, Upload the profile picture and the documents for the KYC verification, also there is an option to change the password.

  • Complaints: The user can view all his registered complaints.

  • Support: Here the user can get the contact number of Corpool, Transport Admin and Breakdown service.


Key Features:

  • GEO location: There is a Geo-fencing for the buses, viewed on a selection of settings button. Complete details of the Buses like Bus information, Driver information, Available seats, etc. can be monitored here on the clicking of the asset (bus).

  • Member verification: There is a verification process for each user, once they uploaded their KYC, admin can verify the user.

  • Easy content management system: Admin/Manager can easily manage the assets and users.

  • Auto price suggestion: Fare calculation is included so that the user can get to know how much it costs for an upcoming trip.

  • Integrated payment feature: Using Razorpay there is a payment option provided for the user.


How CORPOOL benefits the environment

  • Corporate pooling is a direct step towards a cleaner and Greener  It reduces Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions.

  • Reduces carbon foot print.

  • Reduces traffic congestions and air pollution.

  • Reduces fuel consumption.

  • Reduce cost road repair.

How CORPOOL solve commuter problems:

  • Affordable - much cheaper than taxies and autos, cuts traveling expenses by nearly 50% or more.

  • Express service - get to tour destination faster with fewer stops.

  • Convenient - book in advance and pay online.

  • Hassle free reservation of seat.

  • Real time tracking of buses.

  • It gives “usable commute time”.

How CORPOOL benefits the corporate sector:

Most of the corporate companies are having a transport facility for their employees. But their buses will be running on several routes, but most of the seats remain unfilled. By using this CORPOOL application, the seats that are unfilled will be made available for booking, for other commuters.


Product Page link -!overview
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