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in SAP Standard core hybrid employee master data replication, we observed an issue while postpone of hire date for already replicated new hire employee if additional actions usage is activated in the system. in such case we got an error like below.

Error during Postpone of hire date for new hire

The reason for this error is SAP standard code deriving 0302 not to be deleted records based on Protected Actions.

So we implemented below Enhancement ZCL_ECPAO_IN_INFOTYPE_0000 in class  CL_ECPAO_IN_INFOTYPE_0000 method GET_P0302_NOT_TO_BE_DELETED  to overcome the issue.

Enhancement ZCL_ECPAO_IN_INFOTYPE_0000


Code should like below.

Sample code

After correction it got replicated.

Successfully replicated


Please share your feedback with us in comments.

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Best Regards,

Prakash Bellamkonda

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