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CDS Views can be created and viewed only from ABAP Development Tools (ADT) .The objective of this blog is to list down some standard utilities related to CDS Views which would allow us to gain information on these views from SAP GUI.


These reports will be useful for users who are not having access to ADT tools or not able to access the system from ADT due to missing authorization.


Report Usage
RUTDDLSANALYZE Analysis of DDL Sources
RUTDDLSSHOW Search for DDL sources with name and/or template
RUTDDLSDEL Delete the DDL Source and the generated view
RUTDDLSACT Activates Set of DDL Sources



This report can be used to get the list of DDL Sources in the system , the corresponding DDL SQL view name , package and other information.


Executing the report to check all DDL Sources starting with I_SALES:



Report Output:


The report output shows 62 DDL Sources exist with name starting with I_SALES. Highlighted button "DDL Source Text Display" can be used to view the DDL Source definition.





This utility can be used to search to DDL sources with name or template. It can be used to see the source code of multiple views at a time. The report also provides information about the created database view , referenced DDL sources and referenced tables or non- CDS views.



Executing the report to get information about all DDL sources starting from I_SALES:


Report Output:


DDL source definition along with other details is displayed for all views.





The report can be used to view the DDL source code of a single CDS View.


Executing the report to view the DDL source for CDS view I_SALESCONTRACT.



Report Output:


DDL Source code is displayed.






This utility can be used to delete the DDL Source and the corresponding database view. It should be used cautiously as the utility doesn't asks for confirmation.


Executing report to delete the DDL Source ZTEST_AUTH.



Report Output:


The report log shows the information about the deleted source.





This program can be used for mass activation of views.


Executing report to activate DDL Source ZPO_DATA.



Report Output:



EDIT :  S4 HANA  1610 release provides the option to navigate to the source code from the SE11 utility.


Open View in SE11:



Clicking on DDL Source takes to the source code in display mode:


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