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for SAP Manufacturing and Printing using Adobe Document Service there are several steps and configuration needed. To solve theses steps several help and SAP Notes are available.

in our scenario we were trying to execute this task on window server. That is not the first time, but this time we have received only errors regarding CORBA Connection to XMLForm Module failed during triggering the print process.

In the past we have received this error message only in systems based on Linux. That was the first time, we have received this specific error in Windows Systems.

for Linux systems there are solution available in SAP portal and SAP blogs (See references), but if this error is appearing in windows systems, no solution was existing before.

that was the reason to create this blog post.

error message is:

  • Service XMLFormService: Native process (PID=0) C:\usr\sap\<SID>\J##\j2ee\os_libs\adssap\XMLFormService\bin\XMLForm.exe terminated abnormally with error code 255
    o CORBA Connection to XML Form Module failed, please verify the binaries are deployed to the os_libs directory. You may be running on a non-supported platform.

    • Document printing failed: Processing exception during a "Render" operation…

after some research we figured out the solution of this issue at windows server.

basically before that we were only able to identify solutions for Linux systems. for example this answer at this post:

Solution at Linux Systems: 2029940 - IFbA: Required additional RPM package for ADS on Linux

if your trouble is the same like in the post above, but you are trying to solve that issue with windows servers, keep attention to following SAP Notes:

the root cause may be the same: there are some missing operating system components ("please verify the binaries are deployed"). In Windows it is necessary to install all required Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable (x86) according solution SAP Note: 2741686 - IFbA: Additional software requirement after applying ADS NW750 SP/Patch on Windows Server

in example below you can see our system information for the installed components before and after closing the gap.


before installation of missing components

as you can see, Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable (x86) and Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable (x86) are missing


after installation of missing components

after installation of these missing components and with a complete "chain" of x86 Redistributables, issue was solved and ADS is working properly now. Please Note: currently (2020) no newer Redistributables are necessary. that may be changing. please verify with solution note above.

hopefully this is helpful for you


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