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Recently I needed to copy a massive iflow and make  UAT and PROD copies  of it in the WebUI . I was comfortable doing that in Eclipse but noticed it's slightly different  when I needed to do it in Web UI .

It’s equally easily in WebUI.   Check these steps - may be this will save your time :).

Hopefully till the time we get the  2.45.x version   of SCPI , this blog will help us .


Consider you already have an Iflow . This needs to be copied and renamed .Once successfully copied, it can be imported across multiple environments.

A few easy steps can help you.

Step 1:

Go to Design page – choose your Package.

Step 2:

Choose the Iflow you want to copy

Step 3:

Download the iflow in your desktop

Step 4:

Zip file downloaded on desktop.

In case the downloaded file is a .jar file please refer to Step 16. 

Step 5:

UnZip it .                                                             

Step 6:

Open the META-INF folder

Step 7:

Open the MANIFEST.MF file in notepad or Notepad ++ . It will look like this . Note the highlighted part. Rename it accordingly

Step 8:

Example renaming done:

Step 9:

You can change the iflow name here as well .

Step 10:

New name like in step 8.

Step 11:

Now save and zip the file.

Step 12:

Rename the file in same manner.Step 13:

Import it in the environment you want.

Step 14:

Initiate Import.

Step 15:

Import Completed.

Step 16:

In case the downloaded file  is a .jar file , it gets a little tricky . The easy solution the the issue was - I logged into Eclipse , downloaded the iflow . Followed the exact steps in changing the iflow shared between  Step 6 to Step 10 .Once done  - deployed the iflow in WebUI. Once successfully loaded in WebUI ( Overview/Manage Integration Content -  for safety check  the deployment on to be sure eclipse deployment was successful ) , 

, download the file from the same location .

Step: 17.  Go to Design page  of the server where it needs to be deployed  – choose your Package.Import  the downloaded file. Save and redeploy it. This should do the job.

I understand SAP is phasing out use of Eclipse for SCPI developments , however till the time we get the  2.45.x version   of SCPI  , developments still needs to go on .

I would request the users , if they have an alternative option , let  me know and I would love to correct myself.

It's all about helping each other and saving time to do some new innovations !


These steps can help us make multiple copies of the existing iflow and deploy them across multiple environments .Once successfully imported, please don't forget to point the channels to the correct systems . It's better if you plan in advance.

I would personally like to thank @engswee.yeoh  for those wonderful blogs that inspired me  in SCPI .

It's all about helping each other and saving time to do some new innovations !
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