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In this blog ,  I am going to explain creation of Calculation view ( Graphical).

SAP HANA Model for COPA Scenario

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Calculation View Intro:

Calculation views are composite views used on top of analytic and attribute views.

Calculation views combine different fact tables

Calculation views are defined as either graphical views or scripted views depending on how they are created

Graphical views can be modeled using the graphical modeling features of the SAP HANA Modeler

Scripted views are created as sequences of SQL statements.

Typically used when the business use case requires advanced logic that is not covered in the previous types of information views

For example, calculation views can have layers of calculation logic, can include measures sourced from multiple source tables, can include advanced SQL logic, and so on

The data foundation of the calculation view can include any combination of tables, column views, attribute views and analytic views.

You can create joins, unions, projections, and aggregation levels on the sources.

Creation of Calculation View

  1. Create a new Calculation View.

  2. Name calculation view CVG_COPA_UNION,

      Specify Graphical for the type of the Calculation View.

      Click Next.

  3. Will be reading from existing Anal analytic views you do not have to select any tables. Select the analytic view both

     Click Next.

4. As a result the Graphical Calculation View editor will open.

5. From the Tools Palette select 2 Projection graphical nodes one for each Analytical View.

    Select Union as well.

6. With the mouse pointer over each graphical node and draw a connection line between the nodes.

7. Click on each Projection node and rename each to Projection_A and Projection_P.

8. Add a new Calculated Column called KPLIKZ for Projection_A

9.  Add a new Calculated Column called KPLIKZ for Projection_P

10.  Select the Projection P node, within the details view select all the fields > Right Click > Add to Output.

       Repeat the same step for projection A node.

11. Proceed to select and work with the Union node. Within the details of the Union ,select all the fields from the Projection_A node > Right Click > Add to Target, Repeat the same for Projection P.

12. Click on the Output Node in the main diagram. Within the Details view pane select each field > Right Click > ‘And the field as a Attribute’ or as Measure according to the following.

13. Save & Validate then  Activate View, Click Data Preview to see the output of the view

Click Distinct Values to see the distinct values , as result you will see below screen.

14.Click Analysis to see the output of the view in the graphical representation.

Script Based Calculation View in COPA Scenario_Part 4

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