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As we know, Fiori launchpad is the starting point to start using Fiori apps and fiori launchpad  shows some general features with it like User settings, search icon, Notification icon ( if configured) , App Finder etc.

Recently, I got a requirement from multiple teams that they want to hide some of these features or don't want user to control that. For e.g. Users should not be able to switch off the spaces layout and for that they wanted to hide the spaces switch button under user settings.

I didn't know about it, but had feeling there has to be a way. I came to know about Launchpad Configuration Parameters and i was like YESSS.. this is what I was looking for.

There are different parameters available to configure different aspects of the launchpad. In this case, I wanted to control the Spaces Switch under user setting. For this the parameters which can be used are SPACES & SPACES_ENABLE_USER.

There could different requirement like:

  • If all users should see the spaces layout and be able to switch between the layouts - for this set SPACES and SPACES_ENABLE_USER to true

  • If all users should only see the spaces layout - for this set SPACES to true, and set SPACES_ENABLE_USER to false

  • If all users should see the home page by default but be able to switch between the layouts - for this set SPACES to false, and set SPACES_ENABLE_USER to true

  • If you want to deactivate the spaces layout completely for now - for this set SPACES and SPACES_ENABLE_USER to false

In my case , I wanted to let users see only the Spaces layout and not let them switch, so second scenario is applicable.

Currently , I could see the layout switch as shown in screen shot earlier, lets set the parameters to disable the switch.

we could set the parameters in customizing or in target mapping or in application URL. It might be possible that specific parameter can be set via any one or more of these ways and can be checked under details of each parameter on sap help link. If the parameters are not defined, the default value ( again can be checked on help link) will be considered.

Customizing parameters can be set using transaction /UI2/FLP_SYS_CONF ( for cross client settings) or /UI2/FLP_CUS_CONF ( for client specific settings)

Open the transaction and maintain parameters if not already maintained and change values as required if already maintained as shown below

Now, when I open the Fiori Launchpad, by default spaces layout shows up as we have set the SPACES parameter to true and the option to switch from spaces to home layout is not available as we have set the parameter SPACES_ENABLE_USER to false.

Cool, isn't it :)...

Let's quickly take one more example, currently i see only catalog apps under the user setting => App Finder as shown below

Now i want to see SAP easy access menu and user menu also on fiori launchpad. We can enable that also using Launchpad configuration parameters. For this maintain the below parameters

Now refresh the Fiori launchpad page and open App Finder from user setting and wow, we could see the User Menu and SAP Menu tabs along with catalogs now


In the same way we could use other parameters available to control other features on Fiori launchpad.



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