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Dear community, after upgrading my Eclipse installation 2021-09 with ABAP Developement Tools from 2021-09 to 2021-12, I had some serious problems with my right click context menu in Project Explorer view.

The menu was unnecessary long and had many more entries then expected. Some entries were shown 4 times with the same name (for example "SOA Manager") and there were broken entries (for example "") . To put it briefly: It was a big mess.

After some investigation and some more own research and some more time and even more more time I had really no clue what the cause was. A typical situation for developers, as you sometimes experience every day, on some days even several times. You're almost tempted to reinstall everything 😉

My solution was to define a new workspace in Eclipse ("File->Switch Workspace"). Sadly with many impacts. The good news was: Context menu in Project Explorer view was afterwards ok. But...

As the documentation about workspaces in Eclipse tells: "The workspace is a directory on the disk where the Eclipse platform and all the installed plug-ins store preferences, configurations and temporary information." I can confirm that now: It's really true...

I lost the projects in Project Explorer view and my preferences, for example the ABAP keyword color settings.

The good thing is, you can switch to your old workspace (File->Switch Workspace) and you can export the color settings separately (check buttons in section "ABAP Keyword Colors"). Then import in your new workspace.

The export oft all preferences somehow didn't work in my case ("File->Export/Import" or "Window->Preferences->Export/Import").

Ok, that blog was just for the case anyone else will encounter same issue and wants to save some time 🙂


Best regards, thanks for reading and stay healthy

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