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Connector Builder - Part 1 of a 3 Part Instruction Guide


Information - First Screen

Open Connectors consists of over 170 connectors to 3rd Party Applications natively embedded in the SAP ecosystem. If the Connector you need does not exist in the catalog, you can build it quickly using Connector Builder. This instruction guide will walk you through using this tool, with concrete examples throughout.

Connector Name: The outward facing name of the Connector. While it does not need to be unique, it should be.

Connector Key: This key must be unique

Select a Hub: If a hub is selected, like CRM, then normalized resource names will be provided of resources that generally appear in that hub, like GET /accounts and GET /contacts. This helps to keep the resources normalized and intuitive. Strict adherence does not need to be followed.

Type of Service: Choose the type of API that matches the vendor API type. Choices are REST API, SOAP API, and Database (e.g. AWS Redshift). If an SDK is offered, only the API that is used in the SDK should be used.

Logo: This is the URL of the vendor API Documentation and the API version. An SVG logo image is the best choice to upload or one that 150x150.

Part 2 - Setup Screen
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