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Connector Builder Guide - Offset Pagination

Open Connectors consists of over 170 connectors to 3rd Party Applications natively embedded in the SAP ecosystem. If the Connector you need does not exist in the catalog, you can build it quickly with Connector Builder. This instruction guide will walk you through using this tool, with concrete examples throughout. The beginning, Part 1, can be found here.


Offset pagination means starting at a record and returning results after that record. In the JIRA API, the query parameter startsAt signifies the record to start at (not the page), and maxResults signifies the number of results to return per page.

When creating a resource, the Connector Builder has two normalized query parameters, called page and pageSize. To adhere to this normalization, we can add parameters to the resources like so:

To the Open Connector user, he will see page and pageSize, but those will be mapped accordingly to the JIRA vendor parameters.
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