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Connector Builder Guide – How to Add a Request or Response Model

Open Connectors consists of over 170 connectors to 3rd Party Applications natively embedded in the SAP ecosystem. If the Connector you need does not exist in the catalog, you can build it quickly with Connector Builder. This instruction guide will walk you through using this tool, with concrete examples throughout. The beginning, Part 1, can be found here.


Notice above there is only a Response Model button. That is because this is a GET resource. For POST resources, where you need to post a body - therefore you will have a Request Model button on those. They work the same way.

Run the GET /contacts resource and copy the response. Then click on Response Model and click Generate from Payload. Paste the response and click Generate.

The generated metadata will look like this:

If the vendor API supplies the model, that can be used here instead.

Advanced models can contain more than the fields, sample values, and their types. They can contain the primary key, filterable / searchable fields, etc.

Now that the response model has been set for the contacts object, we can run GET /objects and see the object name in the response.

And we can run GET /objects/{obectName}/metadata

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