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This guide will help you to know how to configure your RFC connection monitor in the new Solution Manager 7.1

Solution Manager allows you to monitor

1.       Connection between Solution Manager and manage system

2.       Connection between manage system

You can monitor 3 kinds of RFC connection

1.       ABAP destination

2.       HTTP destination

3.       TCP/IP destination

In order to start the monitoring please login to solution manager

Start work center navigate to system monitoring tab and press Connectivity Monitoring.

Picture 1.0

Choose go to setup (Picture 1.0)

Picture 1.1

In the new windows select add destination (Picture 1.1)

Pop-up windows with the RFC connection will be open select your RFC you want to monitor

And choose OK

Picture 1.2

Now you can see the RFC you select to monitor, client, logon check.

You can select in the check frequency the time you want to monitor the RFC

· Manually

· Daily 

· Hourly

The result

Picture 1.3

In the result you will see the status of the check monitor, the RFC destination, check type, and the time of the last check.

You can print export refresh the report and to make a manual check.

Hope its help

Naor Shalom.

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