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XS Migration Assistant is a tool that exports, analyses and migrates the objects from the provided delivery unit (from XS Classic) and writes into an XS Advanced folder structure. This tool is used in upgrade / migration scenarios from XS Classic system (HANA 1.0) to XS Advance system (HANA 2.0).

If your HANA DB is a service on SAP Cloud Platform (Neo), then you will need to install & configure SAP Cloud Connector (SCC) to be able to run the migration via XS Migration Assistant tool. If the source system for migration is on-premise, then you can directly connect XS Migration Assistant tool to your HANA DB using the Host Name and Port.


You can follow the SAP developer tutorial to install the SAP Cloud Connector on your system.

After you have installed SCC, follow the below steps to establish a service channel to your HANA service on Cloud Platform (Neo):

Step 1: Log on to https://localhost:8443/ with the “Administrator” password you had set during installation of SAP Cloud Connector.

Step 2: Add Subaccount – fill in the requested details as below & save.

  • Region of the subaccount on SCP. You can get this from “Global Account: subaccounts” page.

  • Subaccount – technical name of your subaccount. You can get this from “subaccount information” in overview page of the subaccount.

  • Subaccount User & Password

  • Location ID is a unique identifier for the connection from your local system. If multiple developers are connecting to same subaccount, you need to specify this uniquely.

Step 3: On-Premise to Cloud – for the added subaccount > navigate to “on-premise to cloud” > click on “+” symbol to add a service channel

Step 4: Add Service Channel > Fill in the details as below:

  • Type: HANA Database

  • Instance Name: Same as “DB/Schema ID” on “Database & Schemas” page of your subaccount. Please note that it is cap-sensitive.

  • Instance Number: range from 01 to 99.

Note: Port number is 3<instance number>15. For example, If instance number entered is 99, then the port will be 39915.

Once you have the service channel enabled, you can connect to the HANA service on SCP Neo via XS Migration Assistant tool by using “localhost” as host name and the port configured in SCC.


This blog is my experience from migration of an UI5 app (with HANA Classic back-end) on SCP Neo environment to Cloud Foundry, which support XS Advance only. With the evolution of Cloud Foundry, these kind of migrations are bound to happen more often and I hope this information was useful.


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