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Hi All,

I would like to share another way of connecting an UNV universe to Tableau .

There is one blog post , by Ron Keller, that shows a way of doing it using OData and Web Services.

My approach will use OData and the Rest API.

But it has its drawbacks, the critical one is that the connection is not easily refreshed, making it hard to "schedule" the Tableau Dashboard.

I will cover another way of making a "persistent" connection on Part II of this blog post.

In order to generate a OData Url this is the workflow to be followed :

1 - Lolgin into the platform;

2 - Get the list of UNV Universes;

3 - Get the details of a the choosen Universe;

4 - Create a Query;

5 - Create the OData Url.

6 - append the logon token to the URL;

7 - Connect Tableau to the Odata Service;

8 - Loggof the -platform.

As the Query exists only in memory (it´s not saved to the CMS), you must connect to Tableau prior to logging off. And the reason way the connection cannot be reused is the fact that one must provide the logonToken  plus the Query ID which only exists in the current REST session.

In the next post I´m explaining a  way of doing the connection persistant so you can refresh the Tableau Worksheet.

Feel free to contact me in case of any doubts or comments

I´m attaching a simple HTML file that demonstrates the role process. My example query contains just one field. In order to run the script, one can just drag the file and drop it on a Browser



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