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Connecting ABAP\JAVA systems to Solution Manager can sometimes be challenging.

From not finding the Diagnostics Agent in the System Preparation phase (last step) or in the Agent Admin to all kinds of errors during the "Managed Systems Configuration" wizard.

Here are some "pre-requisites" that will save you some trouble:

  • Keep your Solution Manager up to date - upgrade SP's frequently.

  • Make your best efforts to finish the System Preparation and Basic Configuration phases with 100% green status.
    I once was skeptic but it's feasible ! Here is a proof example:
  • Make sure the ABAP system you're trying to connect to SOLMAN has the highest ST-PI software component version available.
  • Make sure Diagnostics Agent and Host Agent (of the remote systems) are up to date.
    Don't hesitate to uninstall them and re-install the latest versions !
    Diagnostics Agent uninstall can be done using the Diagnostics Agent Setup itself.
    Host Agent Uninstall can be done using <SAP Host Agent exe directory>\saphostexec.exe -uninstall command

    Please notice:
    ** The Diagnostics Agent setup also installs Host Agent - however, it does not install the latest version of Host Agent, so my advice is to Install Diagnostics Agent and then upgrade the Host Agent to the latest version available in >> Support Packages and patches >> Browse our download catalog >> SAP Technology Components >> SAP HOST AGENT.
    Use this help page for more information on the upgrade process (very simple!)

  • Register Host Agent in SLD using sldreg -configure slddest.cfg command

  • Enter the correct SOLMAN & SLD information during Diagnostics Agent Setup. Read the instructions of every step carefully.

  • In order to check SAP Host Agent version run the following command: <SAP Host Agent exe directory>\saphostctrl.exe -function executeoperation -name versioninfo

        If an error is received by running this command instead of information it is probably due to a malfunctioning Host Agent. Another good reason to re-install it.

  • Check the comments below for more tips from other contributors.

I will try to keep this Blog Post up to date with further tips.

Enjoy :smile:

Adi J.

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