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Hello All,

Now a day its trend to work remotely. And you can use multiple tools to connect your environment such as VPN, Citrix and Direct access and so on…

When you are connected to Direct access its using IPv6 and not able to translate in to IPv4. Any you will not able to connect SAP systems using SAP GUI. Scenario will be like this below.

There is couple steps you need to take in order to allow your Microsoft direct Access work with SAP GUI. This configuration I am going to show you is going to work with any version of SAP GUI regardless.

Step 1

Enable your SAP GUI to work with IPv6 adding system environment variable as below (This has to be done on client machine)


For help:

Step 2

Configure your SAP router to allow your direct access server to pass connection

Example of your saproutertab file


# Direct Access allow list


#MY SAP Application ERP

P             Direct_Access_Server_Host_Name          SAP_CI_Server_Host_Name                        36XX

P             Direct_Access_Server_Host_Name          SAP_Application_Server_Host_Name           32XX


You can add multiple direct access servers and multiple SAP Servers as per your requirements.

Note: Make Sure you restart your SAP Router after making changes to saproutertab file and use hostname only. NO IP Address

Step 3

Creating SAP GUI Connection

Without load Balancing

SAP Router String Example : /H/SAPRouterHostName/S/sapdp99/H/

With Load Balancing

SAP Router String Example : /H/SAPRouterHostName/S/sapdp99/H/

Note: Make sure you select appropriate load Balancing group

Now you have configured your SAP GUI to access SAP through Microsoft Direct Access

Thank you for reading


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