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I'm a Sales and Technical SAP Business One Consultant for around 15th years, in my experience users need to find new ways to realize their daily work.

In this blog, I'll explain how to connect an intelligent chatbot of SAP Conversational AI with SAP Business One using Service Layer (Extensibility topic).

If you need more information about SAP Business One Service Layer, please visit:

For example, the salesperson needs to query to SAP Business One the balance of specific Business Partners, an easy way to do this is to chat whit intelligent chatbots.

If you are an SAP Business One Consultant, maybe you have a lot of situations where chatbots will provide to users a better experience using the ERP, and simplify tasks, and way of work.

For this blog, I assume that you know how to work with intelligent chatbots of SAP Conversational AI.

The idea of this blog is to help you to do easy and quick integration between your chatbot and your ERP, in this case, SAP Conversational AI and SAP Business One.

If you want to learn more about this topic, I recommend reading this blog:


  1. A public domain name, for example,

  2. Connection from the Internet to your SAP Business One Service Layer

  3. SSL certificate is mandatory

Take a look:

Author: Erick Gómez

Additionally, you will need:

  1. SAP Conversational AI account, maybe you can use the free edition

  2. SAP Business One "CompanyName", UserName" and "Password"

  3. I recommend using Postman for testing your POST/GET/PATCH/DELETE methods

Now you are ready, hands-On:

Author: Erick Gómez

Autor: Erick Gómez

The next step is to fill values with your SAP Business One environment, take a look at the next image.

Author: Erick Gómez

In the body section you must use JSON syntax, for example:


"CompnayName": "YourDB",
"UserName": "YourUser",
"Password": "YourPass"


Please, take special attention to the response from API Service, you'll need it after, in my next blog I'll explain how to get, store and use this response for other "Actions".


I invite to you to test this integration between SAP Business One and SAP Conversational AI using Service Layer, if you have any related questions I'll be happy to share the knowledge.

With this step-by-step, you now can connect your chatbot with SAP Business One easily. using low code or no code you don't need special or advanced Developer skills.

I hope that this short guide helps you in your Intelligent Enterprise journey, and offers you and your users an more easy way to do your daily work.

Don't forget to comment, like, and share this blog with colleagues and friends.

I promise to share more information about SAP Business One and Service Layer soon, follow me and stay tuned.

Best regards,

Erick Gómez



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