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Hi all,

Some time ago I came across some issues when I wanted to connect Design Studio to HANA . The process was not standard and information is scattered. With this guide I hope to speed up the process of connecting HANA to Design Studio. Good luck!


This document guides you through the process of connecting Design Studio to a HANA database. If you already have the SAP HANA client software installed (NOT the HANA studio!) you can skip the first part and go to the section “Create ODBC connection”. The same goes if you can obtain the HANA client .exe file from a colleague (and if you installed it already. If not, please do so first).

If you do not have the HANA client software or if you are unsure, follow the steps below. These are needed because for Design Studio to be able to make a connection to HANA, you need to setup a ODBC connection to the HANA database. The drivers needed for this are embedded in the HANA client.

Downloading software

Go to and click on “Download software”.

On the right, go to “Search for Software”. Log in with your S-user and search for “HANA client”. Select “SAP HANA CLIENT 1.00”.

Download the software that is suited for your system and save it on your C-drive. For Windows 64-bit choose “Windows on x64 64bit”; for Windows 32-bit choose “Windows Server on IA32 32bit”.

The HANA client software comes in an archive, but not .zip or .rar, but .sar (SAP Archive). Therefore another piece of software is needed, being the SAPCAR.

Go back the “Search for Software” page and search for “SAPCAR”. Download the highest version of SAPCAR and save it on your C-drive (same place as your HANA client software).

Unpacking the HANA client download

Go to Windows Explorer and navigate to the location of your SAPCAR file. Right-click on the file and open the properties window. Select the location path and copy it.

Now open the command prompt (cmd.exe), enter “cd ”, right-click and select “paste” to paste to location path.

It should look like this:

Hit enter. Now copy the name of your .SAR file and paste it in your command prompt. Follow up with the following command:

<name of the SAPCAR file> -xvf *.SAR

It should look like this:

If you hit the enter button, this command will extract any .SAR file on your pc. If you have multiple SAR files on your pc and you only want to extract this specific one, you can fill in the name of the SAR file on the place of the “*”.

Installing the HANA client software

Open the folder that contains your HANA client software (probably “SAP_HANA_CLIENT”, created by the SAPCAR program) and start “hdbsetup.exe”. Follow the steps to install the software.

Create ODBC connection

If you have a 64-bit version of Design Studio, navigate to the following folder on your pc:


Open the “odbcad32.exe” file. In the “User DSN” tab, click on “Add…”. Select the HDBODBC driver and click on “Finish”.


If you have a 32-bit version of Design Studio, navigate to the following folder on your pc:


Open the “odbcad32.exe” file. In the “User DSN” tab, click on “Add…”. Select the HDBODBC32 driver and click on “Finish”.


The 64-bit driver

Fill in the connection properties of the system you want to connect to. In the example below a you can see what the format should look like.

Connecting Design Studio to HANA

Open Design Studio and create a new application. On the bottom left, right-click on “Data Sources” and select “Add Data Source”. Search for the Data Source Name you entered (if you cannot find it, try “Reload connections” first), open it and log on to the system. You have now successfully connected Design Studio to HANA!

Kind regards,

Joeri Smits

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