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Hi Folks,

This series covers all about: Connecting and Exposing API Endpoint from SAP Cloud Integration

Here is the list of blogs:

Part 1: Pre-requisites and Configuration
Part 2: Connect, Expose & Test API Endpoint

With the advancements in SAP Cloud Integration, nowadays the more focused area business projects are looking for is having the skill set - SAP API Management. To be more specific, need of the hour is API integrations with third parties/SAP products.

After skilling up in SAP Cloud Integration capability, let’s step on to enhance your integration skill by learning another capability of Integration Suite viz., SAP API Management.


Below are the steps that would help you to develop a simple API and gain confidence in SAP API management domain.

Step 1: Access your BTP Cockpit. For me, I am using trial account for the purpose.

Step 2: Go To Your Trial Account

Step 3 : Open the trial sub account and Select Service Marketplace and search for Integration Suite to subscribe that service.

Note: Ensure Cloud Foundry Runtime Instance is created

Step 4: Click Create (blue button in right). It will activate the Integration Suite service.


Step 5: Once the service is activated. Ensure all the Roles are assigned to your user.

Check in Security tab > Users at sub account level.

Step 6: Select your user and Click on Assign Role Collection from the three dots as shown below

Step 7: Once all the Roles are assigned select Go to Application in Integration Suite from Instances and Subscriptions Tab.

Step 8: Once the new tab opens, select Add Capabilities and Select the capabilities mentioned

  • Build Integration Scenarios

  • Manage APIs

  • Implement Interfaces and Mappings

  • Extend Non-SAP Connectivity

  • Manage and Provide Integration Technology Guidance

Note: In Step 9 and Step 10, I have activated 2 capabilities.

Step 9 : Select the Message Queue Check box and hit Next

Step 10: Select the Enable API Business Hub Enterprise checkbox and hit Next.

Step 11: Click on Activate button.

Step 12 : Once the Capabilities are activated, Navigate to SAP BTP Cockpit subaccount, select Security > Users and assign all the API, PI, AuthGroup and Open Connectors Roles as done in Step 6.

Step 13 : Once done, follow Step 7. You will see the Integration Suite Application window as shown.


Step 14: Navigate Back to Global Account.  Click on Boosters from left Navigation Menu and Search for Enable Integration Suite and Select Start.


Step 15: Ensure All the capabilities are selected. Click on Next and then finish


Once the Booster gets completed, you will find the below screen:


Voila! You are done with initial set-up. You can Click on Go to Application to play with Integration Suite.

You will see two Instances of api and integration flow created.

The significance of these created instances is covered in PART 2 of this series of blog.


If you wish to know more, or have any queries on this blog, then please feel free to drop a comment.

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