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Introduction: For Building dashboards in Microsoft Power BI(Business Intelligence) tool  using Hana database as a source we need to enable the ODBC driver in the system to connect to Hana database. Please follow below steps to configure and build dashboards on Hana database(Calculation views)


Step 1 

Install HDB client software in system where you want to connect Hana Database. Hana client software enables the ODBC Driver as below. 


Type  odbc in windows search bar and click  ODBC data source 32/64 bit


Step 2:

Click add on dBase


Step 3:

Double click on HDBODBC


ODBC Config

Enter below details and save the connection.


Host : Hana database host
Instance number  as example 00
And tenant database would be Hana system name


Step4: go to power BI and go to Hana database connection.


PBI-hana database

Enter username and password of SAP Hana Database


connection parameters


Conclusion: With following above steps We can connect to SAP Hana Database from Microsoft Power BI and we can use import or direct query connection to consume Hana calculation views or Hana reporting objects


Note: For Direct queries we need to configure certificate so that refresh of data can happen on the live
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