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Hopefully you all have successfully installed the SAPWebIDE On-Premise. If not, follow the previous blog:

Start with the SAP Web IDE On-Premise

The SAPWebIDE has some really nice wizards. But if you want to use these wizards you'll need a connection to your gateway system. You'll also need this connection to deploy your application to your SAP Gateway system.

Configuration steps:

1) Navigate to C:\SAPWebIDE\eclipse\config_master\service.destinations\destinations

     - If the path does not exists, just create the folders manually

2) Create a new file without extension and call it the same as your SAP Gateway system ID

3) Open the created file with a texteditor

4) Add the following configruation


Description=Gateway Description                                      <-- Description

Type=HTTP                                                                     <-- Connectiontype


Authentication=NoAuthentication                                       <-- Authenticationtype

WebIDEUsage=odata_abap,ui5_execute_abap,dev_abap    <-- described in the SAP Documentation

Name=SYSID                                                                  <-- name of destination

URL=http\://\:8000                                                  <-- host and port of SAP Gateway OnPremise


WebIDESystem=SYSID                                                   <-- system ID

WebIDEEnabled=true                                                       <-- enable destination for SAPWebIDE

sap-client=100                                                                  <-- SAP Gateway client

Follow this well explained tutorial for creating a destination in the SAPWebIDE:

Enjoy the tutorial and in the next blog we'll use this destination in the SAPWebIDE to create our custom Fiori application. So stay tuned!

Generate your custom Fiori application with SAPWebIDE On-Premise using Gateway On-Premise

Kind regards,


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