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With the recent update, the JDBC adapter now enables you to connect to on-premise databases from the Cloud Integration tenant. Let's put this to a test.

The Scenario :

With HTTP GET as a trigger, pass a SELECT Query to the JDBC Server and get the result of the query back as XML.

Tool Used:


Setup procedure:

1st: Download the Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server from here.

2nd: In the tenant go to Overview->JDBC Material->JDBC Driver and Click on 'Add' to add the downloaded JDBC Driver. Once deployed, it should look something like below.

3rd: Setup Cloud Connector 'Cloud to On Premise' as shown below.

4th: Back in the tenant go to Overview->JDBC Material->JDBC Data Source and Click on 'Add' to add the JDBC Data Source as shown below and deploy.

5th: Create an Integration Flow as below and deploy.


That's all with the setup. Now, let's test this using SoapUI.

And that's it! Easy..

!! Since this was just a test on JDBC Connectivity, please excuse the conventions (things are Hardcoded or might not be the best practice). Add comments or suggestions and make this a better blog for future references. 



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