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SAP Analytics cloud has been one stop shop for all the reporting solution for analytics, planning, prediction and much more. With so much to offer by the SAP Analytics cloud it has become the first choice by the customer for the reporting and visualization solutions from SAP S/4 HANA, SAP BW, Native HANA, and other sources using Live as well as Import data connectivity.

However, given the current capability SAP Analytics cloud does not support live data connection from the non-SAP Sources though Import connection does support the same.

For our document and explanation purposes we would use the SQL database as a source to connect to SAC using Live Data Gateway a tool from APOS.

There is a Pre-Requisite document for installation and setup of Live Data gateway, link below. Please refer to that document first.


Ones the setup and installation is completed, the below document will be helpful as a step-by-step guide to connect to SQL using Live Data Connection from SAC using APOS Live Data Gateway a tool by APOS Similarly other non-SAP sources could be connected to SAC using Live data Connection using the tool.


The document is divided into 3 parts

  • Source System SQL Views and Tables

  • Connection setup in APOS live data gateway

  • Using SAC to setup the connection with SQL


1.SQL Views and Tables will be available within SQL database to be used for reporting with the help of middleware APOS Live Data Gateway


Ones we have the visibility of SQL views and tables in the database folder that are to be used in SAC using Live Data Gateway. A connection needs to be set up first for the database

Database is the folder that holds tables and sql views.

2. WTC database folder is created in SQL this WTC database will hold tables and views in SQL and will be released to SAC for reporting.

WTC Database

3. Go to APOS Live Data Gateway Manager and click on Add, the arrow below shows the ADD, this will help setup a new connection based upon type of the source.

Add Connection Using APOS Live Data Gateway



4. Click Add, the below screen appears

This has got 4 sections Connection. SSO Configuration Date Time and Extra Properties.


APOS Live Data Gateway Admin for adding new connection


5. Drill down the data source and below options appear

Apos Live Data Gateway Connection Setup

6. In our case we are using SQL data base thus we would select Database in the data source option

The another drop down with name connection database needs to be filled up with the type of database, in our case we are using SQL as source, thus we would use Microsoft SQL Server.

The list is big after drilling down connection database.

7. After selecting the Microsoft SQL Server. Enter Host Port and the database that we would like to use in the SQL database that holds tables and views.

Host and Port Details

APOS Live Data Gateway Admin for adding new connection continues.

8. Click on SSO Configuration and perform the below settings and set Authentication Type as Pre-defined user. This are the settings provided by the vendor and one time for each connection we create with the database folder from the source.

Apos Live data gateway continues

9. Press Save after making the above settings and the below screen appears and the connection can be seen, a prefix SQL is added on its own to the connection name we gave.

The below connection highlighted in blue appears and click on Manage views as shows in arrow mark.

Manage Views

11. The next step is to click on Manage view which makes the SQL_WTC connection ready to  pass on the tables and views for SAC. The below screen appears after clicking Manage Views and click Add at the left corner

Create Manage view using Add

12. Click on Add, the below screen appears

Create View

13. The below screen appears click on load all schema, it will display the tables in the WTC folder that was available in SQL

Load Schema


14. Select Load All Schema and drill down the WTC_point_table further to see the fields from the table. The selected fields will be passed on further to SAC.

15. Press Next and below screen appears where we can select if there is a Measure field from the selected fields, select the Measure fields and press Next in below screen and take it to Finish to create a view.

Select Measure and Finish

16. Ones we Press Finish, the popup appears to give the view a name in this case we have given the name as WTC_table

View Created Successfully


17. Ones the view is created, go to the SAC Tenant, select Connections > Connect to Live Data > SAP HANA Enter the details like name, description, connection type , host and https port for SQL source database.

Create Live Connection in SAC


18. A connection can be seen in the list of connections for HANA Direct


19. Go to the Modeler to create a model using Live data. Select the System Type, Connection and data source. In our case the System Type is SAP HANA, Connection is APOSTest4 and Datasource is WTC_Table


20. After selecting the data source the below screen appears during model creation.

Story Creation

21. Ones we select the model the story page can be seen using the model


This is how we can use the non-sap source with live data connection in SAC using APOS Live data gateway.


Model usage in story

This is a step-by-step guide to help setup the connection and start building the story using non sap source systems in SAC using Live data connection.


Please share your feedback and thoughts and i will be happy to help incase of any queries or inputs you might have.

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Keep learning and keep sharing by using various SAP channels

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